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Hello Milestones Family,


This is Pastor Hub with an important word about our special Christmas offering. The Gift For Christ At Christmas offering is coming on Sunday, December 16! This offering allows you a chance to give back to God as He has given to you and to bless others as He has blessed you.


Because of your giving, we are excited about being able to accomplish two objectives through the offering: 1) paying for the recently installed roof on the Lower Campus, and 2) contributing more to mission trips and outreach opportunities at Milestones.


I want to remind you that this offering is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. Some of you may be in a position where you cannot give at all, and I understand that. No problem. However, most of you can give, and I would like to challenge you to give generously. We have previously asked every giving unit (individual, couple, or family) in our church to give $500, and, if so, we will reach our goal of $150,000. $500 is a huge gift for some of you. Some of you have designated your earnings from the Matthew 25 Experience for the Gift For Christ Offering. Some of you are not in a position to be able to give much more, and only a few dollars would be a big sacrifice for you! God will honor any amount you give! For some of you, $500 is not a sacrifice at all. You can give a lot more, and you should. Please pray sincerely and ask God to reveal to you how much He wants you to give to this offering.  God will certainly honor whatever you give.


By the way, I would really love to see all the members of the family get involved with this offering. Even your young children can give something. Parents, encourage your children to be sacrificial and give up something for the sake of giving to Jesus so that others can benefit! The children in grades K5 through 5th grade can give their offering at The Rock on Sunday morning. Give them the envelope you will receive at church in the next few Sundays. If you don’t have one, there will be some available in The Rock that day. 


Teenagers, you can certainly donate to this offering, too.  Think sacrifice! Skip a night out at a restaurant or a movie, give up all or part of your allowance, or give creatively and sacrificially in another way. As you pray, realize you’re giving this gift to Jesus at Christmas, and ask God how much He wants you to give.


Adults, I want to challenge you to give sacrificially, too. As I’ve said on Sunday mornings, why not spend more for your gift to Christ than you do on your kids gifts?!  Although gifts for your kids are important, let’s consider giving to something that will last, something that will outlast us! Let’s think about those in other parts of the world we will be able to help with this offering, and let’s ask God how much He wants us to give, and let’s be obedient!  It really is a blessing to give, and it is a joy to be able to bless others the way God has blessed you!


By the way, for this special offering we are asking you to give over and above what you normally give. Don’t stop your normal tithing or giving. This is a sacrificial offering that allows us to do give to people and do some things we wouldn’t be able to give to or do otherwise.


If you have any questions, please let me know.  Click here to give now!


Your Pastor,



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