• The Women's Living Proof August 7-8 at Bon Secours Wellness Arena has been canceled. Detail HERE.
  • Worship services will be this Sunday at 10 am in the Worship Center. There will now be printed copies of the outline available at The Info Center. Please bring your own pen.
  • Please join our Preschool and Children's Ministry Facebook Group Page to follow Amber and Liza and they bring a message to the children each Sunday.


An Update from Pastor Hub on July 2, 2020

The Coronavirus continues to affect us and our daily lives in our own community. The experts have been warning us of a second wave of the virus, but we're not even through the first wave yet! In fact, it feels like we've reverted to the days of April and May when we were in social isolation. Our Governor is warning us to wear masks and wash our hands so that we can eradicate the spread of the virus in S.C. and so we can enjoy high school and college football this fall. So...how does all this affect Milestones Church?

Your staff has been meeting regularly to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on our regathering, our  services, and our ministries to children, students, and adults. Here's where we are at this point.

  • We will continue our in-person services at 10:00 each Sunday morning until we feel it becomes unsafe and/or dangerous for us to do so.  We have set up the chair arrangement in the Worship Center to allow us to observe social distancing guidelines. For the safety of others and yourself, we recommend that each of you wear a mask, although that is your  choice. Use the sanitation stations we have provided to keep your hands clean. Try to refrain from shaking hands and hugging. (That feels so weird to say, and I hate it!)
  • We are not yet ready to offer Preschool or Children's Ministry in person.  Children do not understand social distancing. We realize that is causing some of you to have to stay at home with your children and not attend the Sunday morning worship service, and we hate that it has come to that. However, we feel that is the the best decision for the time being for the safety of everyone.
  • Beginning this Sunday, we will offer an online experience for all of our preschoolers and children up to 5th graders. You can join in through a new Facebook Group Page each Sunday morning and spend some time with Amber Boyd (Preschool Ministry Director) and/or Liza Chapman (Children's Ministry Director) as they teach a lesson for our children. Although it is not ideal, it is a great tool to allow Amber and Liza to teach and continue to build relationships during the pandemic. You can access the Facebook Group Page through this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilestonesKids/.
  • Teenagers across our country are also struggling with social distancing. We all remember when we were teenagers and felt like we were invincible. They crave social gatherings, and it is difficult for them to adjust to isolating themselves from their friends. For their safety, we are trying to find ways to allow them to be together while still observing social distancing guidelines. Unfortunately, we've had to make some hard decisions that will limit what we're able to do this summer with Student Ministry. One of those decisions is to cancel Beach Camp. That was a very difficult decision, but we feel it is in the best interest for the safety of our students and leaders.

This pandemic is unusual, unprecedented, and unpredictable. Thank you for understanding what we are up against and for your support. What can you do in the meantime? PRAY. Keep trusting God to use this time to grab our attention. Don't despair.  God is bigger than COVID-19! He is still at work, and nothing can stop Him!  We may have to pump the brakes on many things we are used to, but we don't have to pump the brakes on our relationship with God. Keep praying, reading the Word, sharing your faith, trusting God to do His work in your life!


Printable Resources Available for Each Sunday - Sermon Outlines and Children's Resources

Sunday, July 5

  • Print and/or view the sermon outline HERE.
  • Preschool and children may watch Amber Boyd (Preschool Ministry Director) and/or Liza Chapman (Children's Ministry Director) as they teach a lesson each Sunday HERE.

Sunday, June 28


We have resumed in-person services in the Worship Center! 

Join us Sundays at 10 am.

We are so glad to worship alongside each other once again! We ask that you please stay home and watch online if you are high risk or not feeling well.

Here are some steps we have taken to ensure each person's safety.

  1. We have taken extreme precautions to sanitize and prepare our place of worship.  You will notice hand sanitizing stations throughout the lobby and halls.
  2. We encourage everyone to wear a mask.
  3. Our seating is different – allowing families to sit together while social distancing from others. Please choose a section that closest matches the number of people in your family.
  4. Common Grounds is closed. There will be no donuts, bagels, coffee, or juice served until further notice.
  5. There will be no preschool or children’s activities at this time. Feel free to print the children's resources below and bring them on Sunday morning. We encourage you to have your child watch the suggested children's video prior to the service on Sunday morning.
  6. There will be a printed outline available at the Info Center. You may also download a digital copy below or bring a printed copy from home.

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