What? 11-week online study of Judges with J.D. Greear on RightNow Media starting March 1

What do I need to participate? Cell phone for group texts, notebook or journal to take notes in, and access to RightNow Media. Don’t have your free RightNow Media account set up yet? You can do it quickly and easily right here.


What will I do each week? Each Monday you’ll receive a text welcoming you to that week and telling you which video to watch. When you can that week, watch the video clip (you’ll get the most out of it if you can take notes while watching) and then come back to the group text and send a text sharing with your group what you heard on the video that hit home with your life and why. Those are the only requirements. You can always share prayer requests with your group or comment with encouragement when someone else in the group sends their text.


How much time will this take each week? You can do everything required in 30 minutes or less…that’s watching the weekly video clip that’s around 10 minutes long, taking the time to send a group text back to your group, and then reading the texts from the other guys as they come in during the week. And that 30 minutes or less can happen whenever it fits into your schedule during the week so being a part of this study is possible no matter what your weekly schedule looks like!


How do I sign up? It’s as easy as sending an email to or sending a text to 864-838-5199 and giving us your name and your cell phone number, and letting us know that you want to participate in the Men’s Spring 2021 Online Bible Study.


Can I invite some guys to participate who don’t attend our church? Absolutely! Just pass this info on to them so they’ll know all about it and how to sign up for it.