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Hey guys! With so many things in our world causing us to feel disconnected right now, we want to give you a way this fall to get connected with the Bible and with some other guys. We’re calling it FIVE THIS FALL and here’s what it’s all about...


What is it?

You personally invite up to four other guys (that’s the “five” part of Five This Fall) to join you in going through a RightNow Media Video Bible study together this fall. It’s fine to have less than five, but we encourage you to limit it to five at the most. You prayerfully choose the guys you want to invite. They can be guys you’re connected to in any area of your life…church, work, family, friends, etc. You choose the study. There are studies available that last for just a few weeks all the way up to studies that last ten or more weeks. You choose the starting and ending dates. You can start anytime this fall that you want. We just encourage you to be finished by mid-December.


What if some of the guys I want to invite to join me don’t have an account with RightNow Media?

The great thing is that it’s free to access RightNow Media and here’s the link to easily create your account. Even if they don’t attend our church on Sundays, if they’re participating in this study then they’re affiliated with our church and can create their own free account.


How will it work?

You will be facilitating/leading your own group. Each week of your study you can send out a reminder to your group to watch the next session of your video study. If it’s week 1, you’ll tell them to watch session 1, and the same with the following weeks. Once you send the reminder out, it’s up to the guys in your group to watch that session on their own. You can choose how you want your group to talk about the session together. If you want to do it by group text, you can tell your group members to text the group anytime that week after they’ve watched the video. If you’re going to meet with your group in person, you’ll want to pick a day and time later in that same week to meet together and your group will need to have all watched the video before they meet. Of course you can always be creative and come up with other ways to talk about the video email, online with zoom, group phone call, etc. The great thing is that it’s up to you and your group as to how you talk weekly after each of you watches the video on your own.


What do we talk about?

The conversation can be as simple as each guy saying, “As I watched this week’s video, this is what hit home with my life...” and then sharing what hit home with them and why. Of course you can always springboard off of that and have lengthier conversations that revolve around what you heard on the video, and you can share prayer requests with the group.


If I decide to do this, what info do you need from me?

We’d like to know that you’re leading a group, who all ends up being in your group, and what study you’re doing. This way we can reach out to you periodically to encourage you and see how things are going with your group.


With so many studies on RightNow Media, which one should I choose to do with my group?

That’s ultimately up to you and your group, but we can definitely offer some good suggestions. A good place to start would be to look through the Books of the Bible studies and the Christian Living studies that are offered. Still need help choosing a specific study? Just email Michael Keel at and he can help you with that.


What if I need help as we’re going through our study...maybe I need suggestions on how to better facilitate the conversation or Bible questions come up that I can’t answer?

That’s why we’re here. You can feel free to get in touch with Michael Keel at and he’d be glad to help you as you go through the fall.


What if I want to lead one and I’m asked to be in another one? Or, I’m asked to be in more than one?

Life is already probably a little hectic for you, and we don’t want to add to that, so we recommend that you just get involved with only one group this fall…whether you’re leading a group or just being a part of one.


What if I want to do this but I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m a little nervous about trying this?

This is a great opportunity to take a next step in your walk with the Lord and in trusting Him to give you what you need to do something that you’ve never done and know you can’t do on your own. And, we’re here to walk alongside of you, to help equip you and encourage you, as you do it!


What if I want to be in a group, not lead one, but nobody has asked me to be a part of one yet?

We can help you to get connected to a group! Just email Michael Keel at and he can help get you connected to a group.


Still have questions after reading this?

Please get in touch with Michael Keel at and he’d be glad to help you! You can do this and we want to help!