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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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GroupLink - Join us on Sunday, September 14th at 5pm in the Worship Center in the Lower Campus. You will be introduced to our small group strategy and be given the opportunity to explore the possibilities of group life. You can connect with one of our current small groups or join a new group. Childcare will be provided. Please email Brandi here to sign up!
Small Groups @ Milestones
We want you to belong.  We want you to know and be known.  We believe God wants you to be in community with other Christians.  As powerful as our worship services are, they are not an effective place to build relationships with others who are following Jesus.  Therefore, Milestones Church offers a number of opportunities to connect with other believers:
Zip Groups
In a face-paced world, many of us struggle with making an additional weekly commitment.  Zip groups were begun to provide a “zip-streamed” opportunity to grow with people who live nearby.  Zip groups meet once a month for Bible study and an additional time for social interaction. Zip groups may be larger than care groups and are designed to remain open.  They are a great way to connect with some Milestones’ neighbors that you might not even know you have.  Zip groups are not available in every local zip code yet but if you will contact the church office we will do our best to connect you with a zip group near you.

Community Groups
These are groups of 6-12 people who meet regularly together to grow in their faith.  Most of these groups meet in homes.  A few meet in the Milestone’s facilities.  They learn together, encourage each other, pray together, and develop lasting friendships.

Service Teams
Some groups meet together primarily for service.  Relationships are built through participating in ministry together.  While we encourage all of our members to be a part of a community group, some service teams involve a level of commitment that allows for the developing of relationships through service.

Affinity Groups
Milestones Church has a number of groups that meet around certain common interests (ie. Softball, basketball teams).  These groups often provide a door for developing a camaraderie and fellowship that often develops into genuine community.  Many of these groups are seasonal.

Short-term studies
Milestones Church periodically offers study opportunities such as Purpose-Driven Life where small groups are a part of the class structure.  This can be an excellent connection opportunity for those who are hesitant to go to a stranger’s home.

For more information or to connect with one of these groups contact Hub Blankenship at the church office (583-1403) or email